ERA II – the breakthrough in bulk solids

An unbeatable team for level measurement of bulk solids: VEGAPULS 67 and VEGAPULS 68

In the past the application area of radar level measurement was still limited mainly to liquids. That changed in 2004, when VEGA succeeded in boosting the sensitivity of radar sensors by a thousandfold.

VEGA engineers developed new, powerfully focusing horn and parabolic antenna systems to enable measurement in narrow and very tall silos. At the same time, the signal processing was adapted to the typical features of bulk solids containers. Thus equipped, the radar sensors were well prepared to deal with the extremely difficult process conditions in the bulk solids industry: pneumatic filling, dust, noise, buildup and steep repose angles were suddenly no longer a problem. Where other measuring techniques showed considerable weaknesses, the radar sensor VEGAPULS 68 ushered in a brand new era in bulk solids measurement.

In 2007, the sensor got backing from its little brother VEGAPULS 67.
Together, they are an unbeatable team ready to take on any challenge in the area of bulk solids.